Leave it to the professionals. We offer a convenient pool maintenance program to those who lack the time and/or patience to maintain their pool. Our services are offered to residential and commercial customers, ranging from weekly to bi-weekly pool maintenance. Your only responsibilities are to maintain an appropriate water level and allow the filter system to run 10-12 hours each day…leave the rest to us!

Our maintenance program consists of:

  • Vacuum pool (POWERVAC system)
  • Poolside water test
  • Backwash filter/Recharge DE/Cartridge Rinse as needed
  • Routine equipment inspection
  • Brushing of pool
  • Pool surface skimming of debris
  • Cleaning of skimmer and pump baskets of debris
  • Minor on-site repairs (fitting leaks, o-rings, gaskets, etc






As part of the maintenance program, we offer a once-a-week pool care system from BioGuard®. Their patented 3 Step Program not only ensures crystal clear water but also makes the water silky smooth for the ultimate swimming experience.

If you would like us to maintain your pool, please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a contract and add you to our list.